Blocked Drains

Blocked drains can start as a mild inconvenience with slow drainage, to a complete nightmare when your drains are fully blocked.

The team at Royal Flush are here on hand to quickly diagnose your issue with our CCTV drain camera and administer the right solution.

Causes of blocked or re-blocked drains

We come across blocked drains quite frequently, and there are a number of common causes:

  • Tree roots growing into and damaging your pipe
  •  Leaves falling into your pipe
  • Build up of grease or food scraps from the kitchen sink
  • Build up of hair from bathroom pipes
  • Heavy or dense materials such as paper towels or children’s toys being lodged in the pipe

Signs of a blocked drain –

Slow drainage or no drainage, gurgling sounds when draining, unpleasant smells, inconsistent toilet water levels and system overflows.

Thorough diagnosis with CCTV drain camera

When we inspect your drain, we use a CCTV drain camera to help us see exactly what is going on. Not only does this allow us to accurately diagnose the issue, it also shows us any other deficiencies in the pipe that we need to address to stop the problem from happening again.

The right solution

Just as there are a number of causes for blocked drains, we also have a number of solutions. Whether it’s using our Hydrojet drain cleaner, plunging your toilet or sink, or pipe relining, we’ll use the solution suited to your situation, that gives you effective and long-term results.

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