This part of the house brings the best comforts and serves as a thinking place of victory. Often overlooked, this certain object provides relief and solace to every resident living in the same home. They just occupy a special place in your heart that serves as a unique safe haven for people of many kinds.

Yes indeed! There is just no toilet like your very own.


Choosing the right royal seat has never been easy, especially as the right one will entertain your derrière. Still, the decision is entirely riding upon your shoulders, and your preference will make or break your success.

Your toilet choice will help you plot your world domination scheme in secret, or it will totally distract you from concocting a fully strategic plan. Here is the list of toilets to help you select the ideal type which will become your company during the times you need stress relief:

* One-Piece Toilet – This is one of the toilets which are no hassle to install as it only involves a one-step installation. As the water tank is in one with the bowl which you will sit on, they are considered one unit. Aside from being convenient, this kind is also very easy to clean. The tank is not large enough to become a hassle, and a crevice does not exist.

* Two-Piece Toilet – One type of toilet that just established itself in almost all households across the globe. Since the tank and the body are entirely separated, the volume of water that can be kept is also larger. Two-piece toilets are also famous for their longevity and strength, and they are very efficiently repaired to boot!

* Upflush Toilets – A result of human innovation, this comfort seat can be positioned in any way you like. Why? Because it doesn’t need any drains to function! Aside from being mobile and available to any part of your home, it also has a cute shape that is necessary for your aesthetic sense.

* Round Bowls – Although less powerful than other toilets, this kind is preferred by places that value privacy or is generally not available for public use. This is also a great choice for when you like to station a lavatory in your outdoor areas.

* Flushing Toilets – One push is all it takes to keep your secrets to your grave. This is the most commonly found toilet in different countries, especially Asian ones.

* Wall-mounted Toilets – If you have a keen eye for detail and would like other decorations for your bathroom space, then this is the right one for you. This type is honest to its name and does not touch the floor at all. Aside from saving a lot of space, the tank is also hidden in the wall! You can be safe from leaking dilemmas and even have an area where you can customize.

* Elongated Toilets – Rather than being elongated, this toilet is actually more in the shape of an oval. This is more popular with the older generation, as they find this kind more comfortable. By having a larger pipeline, drainage and water supply will be crossed out from your list of problems.

* Small-Compact Seat – True to its name, this toilet is totally made for small spaces! They are a great addition to a house that values minimalism, as well as for yachts and boats.

* Composting toilets – Also coined as dry toilets in certain countries, this seat has a combination of sawdust, wood chips, and other dry materials to fully absorb your excrement. It may be obvious, but using this type of toilet requires no water and has the potential of making your room far from those of royalty.

* Square Toilets – This is one of the rarest ones you’ll ever encounter, and it boasts of a wide toilet seat that is capable of catching all your wastes. However, the pros end here. Aside from not being convenient and comfortable to sit on, replacement parts are also harder to locate.

* Pressure-Assisted Toilets – Mostly found in restaurants, this utilizes air pressure to dispose of your excrements. As a result of science, the flush gives efficiency and helps in making the bowl sanitized. The only downside is it makes a lot of noise, which may be a cause of distractions for your focus.

* Corner Toilets – The water tank is triangular and can always be positioned into corner spots. Although very foreign to people who prefer the basic style, this toilet boasts of being adept for small, closed spaces.

* Tankless Toilets – You would think a tankless toilet is not a toilet at all, but this kind begs to differ. Due to direct linkage to the pipes, it has an electric pump that makes flushing very impressive. One downside is that this type of seat does not function if there is zero battery charge.

* Portable toilets – Perfect for those who have outdoor living in their blood! This kind can be carried anywhere and everywhere – festivals, long road trips, and even engineering sites. You can bring these portables for people who have bladder difficulties, and they are quite light that you can even hike a mountain while carrying it on your back.

* Pull-chain toilets – Not feeling like a monarch enough? Well, transition your comfort room design to a medieval one to feel like a Victorian-era king. This works by pulling a chain and triggering an opening in the middle while the water flushes the excrement away.

* Comfort Toilets – This type is very popular with people who are having difficulties sitting on a toilet not quite adept for their height –this may be adjusted to become smaller or larger. This really is the best one, especially for those with disabilities, which ensures that the toilet height is reachable and not a hassle to position oneself self into.

* Touchless toilets – The peak of human development, a toilet that is automatic and does not require any external force to function. These smart toilets have sensors that detect whether you’re done with your business or not. Very convenient.


There are indeed a wide plethora of toilets to choose from, and determining the best one is dependent upon the person’s design aesthetics, convenient preferences, and very own personal specifications. No matter what type of toilet you choose, it is still best to consider sanitation and cleanliness above all. After all, no one can function in a messy environment, right?

To ensure that all your plumbing needs are met, choosing the right company that cares not only for profit is vital. We, at Royal Flush, are one of them. We can become your advisors in achieving the throne room of your dreams.