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Drain Relining Adelaide

Do you have a damaged sewer or stormwater pipe? Instead of undergoing the major task of digging up and replacing old pipe, there’s a far simpler and more cost effective solution.

Drain relining repairs broken, collapsed and missing pipes, by inserting an epoxy resin liner that moulds to the inside of the damaged part of the pipe. Not only does relining prove just as effective as replacement, it also remains more resilient to future damage from tree root infestations.

Causes of damaged pipes

There are several reasons pipes can be damaged. Some of the most common causes are corrosion, infestation from tree roots, ground movement, or displaced joints.

Experienced drain reliners

Royal Flush are fully qualified drain reliners, and we are known to be one of the best in Adelaide. With an experienced eye and a high attention to detail, we use our relining technology to provide easy and effective drain repairs that last.

How drain relining works

  1. We send a CCTV camera down the drain to assess the extent of the damage and see what part of the pipe needs relining.
  2. We use our hydrojet drain cleaner to flush out the pipe’s damaged area.
  3. We insert the epoxy resin liner and bladder through our inspection point.
  4. We inflate the bladder with air, which pushes against the liner, moulding it against the existing pipe.
  5. We test the pipe and use our CCTV camera for a final inspection.

We service the Adelaide metropolitan area. If you are in need of our drain relining service get in contact with our team.

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