Hot Water

Most people take their hot water system for granted – that is until it stops working properly.

It’s imperative that your hot water system is regularly maintained – not just to keep it functioning properly but also to keep you safe. Issues that arise from an unmaintained hot water system can damage the tank, stop the system working, or even cause it to explode.

Stay safe – replace your temperature pressure relief valve (TPR)

Your hot water system’s TPR is a safety valve that stops pressure in your tank from getting too high. If heat or pressure builds up in your tank, the valve releases water to relieve pressure. If pressure builds up but the valve fails to work, your hot water system becomes a bomb ready to explode.

Manufacturers advise TPRs are replaced every five years or less to keep your system and your family safe.

Prevent damage – replace your sacrificial anode

The anode is a magnesium rod inside your tank that attracts corrosive minerals, so that they damage the rod instead of the walls of your tank. Once this rod is corroded, the minerals will damage your tank instead, causing it to rust and leak. Like the temperature pressure relief valve, you need to get your sacrificial anode replaced every five years.

Repairs, servicing and installation

At Royal Flush plumbing, we take your comfort and safety seriously. We repair, service and install all types of hot water systems with our renowned high standards and attention to detail, to keep your hot water running freely.

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